August 28, 2009

the queen has spoken!

Those are my two favourites pics from the Flaunt photoshoot. On the magazine's official website, there's the video of the shoot making-off and Evan looks absolutely gorgeous there:

A lot of people are excited to see her on True blood, so here's a little treat for you all:

E! Online interview part I

I'm not sure why I am talking to you because I don't think you're allowed to tell me anything, right?
[Laughs] I can tease! What do you want to know?

I want to know who you are going to have sex with. Are you more Eric or Bill, and what kind of drama is Queen Sophie-Ann starting?
I figured that those would be the questions! Who do I have sex with? Well, I don't know if I am having sex with anyone yet, but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don't think you'd really expect. So it will be a little fun.

So no Eric or Bill? Because I think that is what everyone is assuming.
Um, I'm not saying anything. I can't say either way.

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lucy in the sky said...

[ hollywoodprinces ]
she is perfect

[ megan_lovers ]
omg. true blood is awesome.

[ beautiful__keira ]
I'm one of those who can't wait! I love vampires ehe ! so that new promo of her showing her fangs, sexy and evil Queen Sophie! so cool! I started to see True Blood only because of her! so I really want to reach soon these episodes! :D and I love that she can't say anything :P btw
these pics are just flawless, she's incredibly BEAUTIFUL! aww EvanRach! :D
kisses dear!


[ my_woody_allen ]
Sh looks pretty in those picture and well i hope to see true blood when i had time cause i got it ! yeah and well hope to see evan but she is in the fisrt o two season ?

[ miss_scarlett ]
you know i like the second pic but i didnt notice that shes all cuteness in the first one, maybe i will use that one in the blog instead because i like it better :) she looks really sweet there and pretty. and what a tease she is :P from what i know, those vampires have a lot of sex, everyone is always naked in that tv show. will she appear in many episodes? maybe i'll make up my mind and start watching it... who knows.

one big kiss dear isabella -m.

[ xikomatias ]
hermosas fotografias :)

[ princess_reese ]
veii esse é um dos meus shoots preferidos *.* LINDA DEMAIS! agora o que foi essa entrevista? ela só me deixou mais ansiosa ainda! mas daqui a pouco eu já baixo e já tenho filhos multicoloridos com o episodio AHUAHUHAUHAUHAUHAUAHU evan vai ahazaaaaaaar!


[ solomenttiras ]
veii esse é um dos meus shoots preferidos *.* LINDA DEMAIS! agora o que foi essa entrevista? ela só me deixou m

[ girls_on_fashion ]