October 06, 2009

A cute 10 year-old Evan in the movie "Digging to China", which also starred Kevin Bacon. Since there's nothing new going on, here are some interesting facts you might not know about her:

- Has lost out on two roles to Kirsten Dunst: Claudia in "[i]Interview with the Vampire[/i]" and Claire in "[i]Elizabethtown[/i]".

- Her favorite actress is Cate Blanchett. Edward Norton and Ewan McGregor are are favorite actors.

- She auditioned for the role of Cady Heron in "[i]Mean Girls[/i]", but lost to Lindsay Lohan.

- Kareoke is one of her favorite things to do. She drags all of her friends to go and sing with her.

- Hates her middle name, but still keeps it as her stage name so people won't confuse her with a boy.

- She has black belt in tae kwon do, so you better not mess with her. She's going to hurt you!

September 26, 2009

evan with other celebs (14/15)

Tracy and Evie together! The lovely Nikki Reed had to be on this session just because thanks to her, Evan Rachel got her big breaktrough performance (she wrote "Thirteen" based on her real-life experiences). They've become really good friends on the set of the movie but there are no recent pics of them together recently. Their careers have taken different directions and both girls have been working so much, but I'd totally love if they still remain in touch!

And I'm being a really bad fotologger these days but aaah...let's blame the outside life and the fact that there's nothing new about Evan lately, so you guys are not missing anything, really. The moment something new comes up, I'll be here!

September 18, 2009

It's been quite a while since the last time I posted something about "Whatever Works". So there you go, a still of Melodie and her husband Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David). And here's something quite interesting I found:

Woody Allen wrote the script for this movie in the 70s! Back then, he wrote the role of Boris with actor Zero Mostel in mind, but after his death 1977, Woody put the screenplay aside. And in 2008, he decided it would be his next film.

Release dates:
Italy 18 September / Belgium 30 September / Spain 2 October / Australia 15 October / Finland 23 October / Brazil 6 November / Estonia 6 November / Netherlands 12 November / Iceland 27 November / Germany 3 December / Russia 31 December

September 17, 2009

Evan attended HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season 7 premiere and she was gorgeous with that red dress!

Interview from SheWire

What can we expect from your character, Queen Sophie Anne, next season on True Blood?
I am waiting just like everyone else to find out. I have no idea what Alan Ball has up his sleeve for me, but he has assured me that it’s all going to make sense eventually, so I’m just waiting to see. But I have heard that she’s going to get a little more intense and a little scarier because she is pretty diva-ish and bratty right now; she’s definitely going to get more in-depth.

Are we going to see Sophie Anne with more women or men in Season 3?
Again, I don’t know. But her partner is a woman — Sookie’s cousin (Hadley Hale, played by Lindsey Haun), so I’m pretty sure there’s going to be more stuff going on there.

Maybe your lesbian vampire queen could fall in love with Sookie like everyone what seems like else on the show —vampires Bill and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)?
I think she could, yeah, absolutely! I’m pretty sure she is one of the only characters on the show who actually knows what Sookie is.

Do you have any theories?
Not that I can actually say because I do know what Sookie is! So I’m keeping my mouth shut (laughs). No hints, nothing!

What did you think of the way Season 2 ended?
I thought it was out of control. I remember reading the script and just thinking, “I don’t know how they’re going to do this or get away with it or make it work and they did. They always do; the most outrageous scenarios, they always make them work. I’m very curious to see what happens next.

Are you going to have any scenes next season with Sam Trammell, who plays Season 2 hero and shape shifter Sam Merlotte?
I hope so. I think he’s a great actor, I hope I get some scenes with Sam. I hope my character enters Bon Temps at some point. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Definitely!

Evan with SheWired Contributor Lesley Goldberg

ALSO! There's this new Evan Rachel lj community I'm part of and it would be reeally nice if you guys (who have lj, of course) joined! :)



September 08, 2009

i don't what you've done to me...

Rumor has it Evan is dating the man of my current dreams, the awesome and incredible Alexander Skarsgård (Eric on 'True Blood' and Stellan Skarsgård's hot son). The rumors started soon after they finished filming 'True Blood' but no one gave much importance. They were seen together in New Orleans a few days ago and now the rumor is back on! Evan already admited she's team Alex/Eric and that she saw his shower scene in Hundtricket. Oh, she's a total fan girl, just like the rest of us.

I really don't know if this is true cause in July she was still with Shane, aah, whatever, you go girl!! But seriously, who can resist ASkars?

And yeah, obligatory gif:

September 07, 2009

Today Evan Rachel Wood turns 22 years young! She's on a big tv show, got really good reviews on her last movie and will have her debut on Broadway next year. She takes her career seriously and once she's commited to something, she won't take a step back, that's how professional she is.
So I'd like to wish her nothing but the best and all the happiness in her life!

Happy birthday, miss Wood!

September 05, 2009

candids: sept 3rd

E! Online interview part III

Now, I do want to ask you about the Spider-Man musical. What's the latest?
I don't know a lot, but as far as I know, it's still on.

Any truth to reports that you told producers you were backing out so you could be free to do some movies?
No! I didn't say that! It's going to be great! Whatever happens, it's going to be great!

Evan wearing one of her heart-shaped sunglasses as she gets her blood tested at a Quest Diagnostics blood lab inside a Beverly Hills medical center on Thursday (September 3) in California:


September 04, 2009

E! Online interview part II

How did you end up on the show?
I watched the first season and loved the show, so I got in touch with [series creator] Alan Ball and said, "Keep an eye out for anything that might pop up." I thought it was a long shot, but then later on I got a call saying they needed a queen.

Did you know anything about the queen beforehand?
I didn't. I said yes, even before I read the script. I didn't really care.

Did you have to get naked yet, because everyone on the show gets naked?
I can't say I do just yet. But they are bringing me back next season, so it's always a possibility. It's kind of inevitable.

So are you Team Eric or Team Bill?
I would say, Team Alex—Eric! Whoops. [Laughs]

Have you seen the clip of Alex's shower scene in Hundtricket?
I am not going to lie. Yes I have.

He is just stunning.
I have to agree with you. [Laughs] That's another great thing about my job—all of my scenes are with Bill and Eric! I was surrounded by beautiful people constantly.

Evan, darling, you're not alone. Team Alex/Eric all the way! And today's pic is from last year's Venice festival, during the press conference of "The Wrestler". She was just so lovely there. A few more:

September 01, 2009

you two should just really fuck each other and get it over with. i could watch.

I just watched True Blood's "Frenzy"! Evan was incredible as Sophie-Anne and oh, I don't wanna say much cause I know there's a lot of people here who watch True Blood but haven't seen uch of the second season. But I can assure you, this was one great episode!

The next (and final) episode of this season will air on September 13th and our Majesty will appear on that as well. And even better cause she's going to have scenes with Eric (Alexander Skarsgaard)! I truly can't wait for that. Here's the promo:

The Queen thanks you for your time.


August 28, 2009

the queen has spoken!

Those are my two favourites pics from the Flaunt photoshoot. On the magazine's official website, there's the video of the shoot making-off and Evan looks absolutely gorgeous there: http://flaunt.com

A lot of people are excited to see her on True blood, so here's a little treat for you all:

E! Online interview part I

I'm not sure why I am talking to you because I don't think you're allowed to tell me anything, right?
[Laughs] I can tease! What do you want to know?

I want to know who you are going to have sex with. Are you more Eric or Bill, and what kind of drama is Queen Sophie-Ann starting?
I figured that those would be the questions! Who do I have sex with? Well, I don't know if I am having sex with anyone yet, but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don't think you'd really expect. So it will be a little fun.

So no Eric or Bill? Because I think that is what everyone is assuming.
Um, I'm not saying anything. I can't say either way.