September 01, 2009

you two should just really fuck each other and get it over with. i could watch.

I just watched True Blood's "Frenzy"! Evan was incredible as Sophie-Anne and oh, I don't wanna say much cause I know there's a lot of people here who watch True Blood but haven't seen uch of the second season. But I can assure you, this was one great episode!

The next (and final) episode of this season will air on September 13th and our Majesty will appear on that as well. And even better cause she's going to have scenes with Eric (Alexander Skarsgaard)! I truly can't wait for that. Here's the promo:

The Queen thanks you for your time.



Made In The J.L.A. said...

It was a good episode, and I can't wait to see her scenes with Eric in the next episode!

Boswell. said...

I cant wait to see this!

lucy in the sky said...

[ megandfox ]
Yo recién vi el epi.

Y estuvo guapísima y..aww♥.

Divertida tb XD

[ she_is_scarlett ]
oh wow super bad evan there! ahaha im glad that you liked it, and daamn i would have to wait but of course i will tell you y opinion about it once i watch it okay? its about to end like i see so i will download it as soon as possible! and oh bells, that gif is super cool, did you make it yourself? i loved it! im glad that your fave song of the album is 'i don't know what to do', scarl's voice sounds great and im in love with this record, i dont usually like her doind so many extra stuff but i have to admit that everything about this project is damn good. big kisses hon!

rope ;)

[ truebloodbr ]
cara, ela estava demais nesse ep novo, a evan arrasa :D

[ tellmeatruth ]
nossa a evan ahazou! a única que salvou o episodio. achei mega enrolado.. mas enfim, episodio seguinte promete *.* pena que é a season finale x.x e nhaaa amei o gif da queen! HAUHAUAUA FODA!

ah, princess_reese aqui ^^

[ lot_of_things ]
Se la vio divina, super hermosa y muuuy bien lookeada. Pero hablaba muy rápido, me costó seguirla!

[ nikki_reed2o ]
awesome pics, shes so sexy as a vampire! : ) (K-Stew)

[ my_woody_allen ]
I'm gonna start to watch the first season so i hope love it true blood 'cause i want to see it a long time ago, and well evan looks amazing i want to se that episodie right know! but if i'm gonna see the show i'll better wait !

[ allemmyrossum ]
Woww, evan rachel looks incredibly wild, bad and sexy there! And omg, i can't wait to watch more True Blood. It's a bit difficult to get the episodes here with spanish subtitles. I'm about to watch the episode 6 of the second season and everything's pretty interesting and i can't wait. And the last episode will be so damn interesting if she has scenes with Alexander Skarsgård, i must confess i'm in love with him! LOL And it would be amazing if her character becomes a regular on season three!

big kisses dear isabella!

[ leighton_gg ]
guuuurl that gif was the coolest, how fierce can she be? of course, shes a queen :) it nearly made me want to see true blood but i dont think im doing that soon, too many series so little time ;) anyway, it sounds like she kicked ass and if she became a regular it would be great, this tv show has so many lovers that it would be really nice for her.

the biggest kiss dear isabella, i posted something you will like here ;) -m.