September 26, 2009

evan with other celebs (14/15)

Tracy and Evie together! The lovely Nikki Reed had to be on this session just because thanks to her, Evan Rachel got her big breaktrough performance (she wrote "Thirteen" based on her real-life experiences). They've become really good friends on the set of the movie but there are no recent pics of them together recently. Their careers have taken different directions and both girls have been working so much, but I'd totally love if they still remain in touch!

And I'm being a really bad fotologger these days but aaah...let's blame the outside life and the fact that there's nothing new about Evan lately, so you guys are not missing anything, really. The moment something new comes up, I'll be here!

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lucy in the sky said...

[ bettany_paul ]
cuties! :) I love Thirteen!!!!!

[ miss_scarlett ]
they were sooo great in thirteen, gotta thank nikki to pen the script, it was evan rachel's breakthrough movie so im happy for that. it would be nice that they still in touch, but i guess with their lifes is a bit difficult to do. but anyway, i have followed both their careers and you can tell that they're here to stay :)

how are you isabela? havent heard from you in a while, one big hug deary -m.

[ lovely__kate ]
hey girrrl, how are you doing? i saw thirteen like a long time ago, though ive already watched it about three or four times. evan did it really reeeaaally good there. but, the truth is, that since i saw the film, i don't like nikki at all! i guess i know why... ;)

[ my_woody_allen ]
I love the picture and also the movie is one of my favorite of all the time , is a great movie, i have on dvd! well hope see them together like we see vanessa with nikki who also work together in this movie.

[ i_heart_sofia ]
The Thirteen girls!! They both turned out to be real talents and we will see them more in the future, Nikki as Rosalie and Evan as the new Woody girl, can't wait for that!!!

I've tried to search the scene where Phoenix is played in LIT for you, but it's not anywhere, the song sounds when they're at the karaoke house and they're taking pics and dancing : )

Big kisses darling!!! :***

[ cinemanics ]
A Evie é uma DEUSA! (L)

NOVO ESPECIAL *Just Dance ~ A dança no cinema ~

Bjos e ótima segunda!

[ varelaespinoza ]
are you busy with her ?
is your friend?

[ she_is_scarlett ]
oooh girl sorry i completely forgot to comment on this gorgeous pic :) both nikki and evan did an awesome job in 'thirteen' and i loved seeing that they developed a great friendship, they looked young and cute there by the way. and yeaah it would be cool to see them in a movie together again, they've taken different ways in their carreers... or not so diferent, everything now is related to vampires! lol, big kisses to you my bellsy. rope ;)