September 18, 2009

It's been quite a while since the last time I posted something about "Whatever Works". So there you go, a still of Melodie and her husband Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David). And here's something quite interesting I found:

Woody Allen wrote the script for this movie in the 70s! Back then, he wrote the role of Boris with actor Zero Mostel in mind, but after his death 1977, Woody put the screenplay aside. And in 2008, he decided it would be his next film.

Release dates:
Italy 18 September / Belgium 30 September / Spain 2 October / Australia 15 October / Finland 23 October / Brazil 6 November / Estonia 6 November / Netherlands 12 November / Iceland 27 November / Germany 3 December / Russia 31 December

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lucy in the sky said...

[ allaboutsjp2 ]
it's great to see some new pictures of "whatever works". she looks pretty cute with that hairstyle, so girly :) adorable pic!

[ cinemanics ]
She is amasing, a true GODNESS!

[ roiworldlook ]
ohh i want to see this film!!

[ my_woody_allen ]
I have no idea about that, so is an honor for evan and the rest of the cast being part of this movie that could be make almost 40 years ago!

[ short_cortitos ]
ese look de nena buena no le queda bien, Me gusta mas el look de perra!♥ es tan sexy.

[ sweet__amanda ]
I'm pretty sure that movie will be great! even if there is something in every film of Woody Allen that don't let me love his movies. I mean, I like all of them and enjoy watching 'em but It's like, i do not adore his films! She looks great there, so sweet and innocent, right? And hey, I won't have to wait a lot to watch it on the cinema!

much love from barcelona dear isabella.


[ miss_scarlett ]
yay to october 2 :) i really cant wait for this film and i'll get to see it in a few weeks, how cool. and it wont take too long until it gets to brazil ;) i didnt know that this film was written so long ago, maybe it has that old woody essence that made his films so great, i mean, his old films are so much better than the ones he does now, except for match point. so maybe this one will be truly great. whenever i'll see it i'll let you know isabela. much love deary and a big hug!

[ she_is_scarlett ]
this is such a cute trivia! i didnt know that and it makes it more interesting to me... october 2 in spain... just two weeks more left and i'll be able to see it, cant wait, of course you'll be the first one reading my review girl :) how is everything going? ive been absent this days because i went on a mini trip to barcelona to be with my boy but here i am black again. and oh, by the way, im glad you liked the rebecca hall flog dedication, wasnt that one the cutest pic of james and her? now i reaaally want to see that film. big kisses to you my bells. rope ;)