September 08, 2009

i don't what you've done to me...

Rumor has it Evan is dating the man of my current dreams, the awesome and incredible Alexander Skarsgård (Eric on 'True Blood' and Stellan Skarsgård's hot son). The rumors started soon after they finished filming 'True Blood' but no one gave much importance. They were seen together in New Orleans a few days ago and now the rumor is back on! Evan already admited she's team Alex/Eric and that she saw his shower scene in Hundtricket. Oh, she's a total fan girl, just like the rest of us.

I really don't know if this is true cause in July she was still with Shane, aah, whatever, you go girl!! But seriously, who can resist ASkars?

And yeah, obligatory gif:

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lucy in the sky said...

[ megan_lovers ]
nice couple!

[ lovely__kate ]
oh evan always manages to date cute boys. i wonder why ... ;)


[ she_is_scarlett ]
haha i love this rumors between co-stars, and wow the truth is that i really thought she was dating shane but anyway, she's young still sooo! what a funny gif girl! haha, and i love her style in those pics by the way. much love isabella. rope ;)

[ i_heart_sofia ]
Look how she caught the hottest guy of the show! Congrats to Evan on that and happy birthday to her! She was just 21??? My God, she's got so many years ahead of providing us with good roles it's great!!!!!

Big kisses darling and the best for your girl!! :***

[ miss_scarlett ]
so she stole your guy :P i guess you must be really happy if this is true, which it looks like so, he seems nice, well i dont know much about him just thatt his dad is amazing, but thats pretty much it. but he looks hot and i like him better than that shane, he got a very bad boy image that i didnt like, maybe im wrong and it were just her looks but i prefer alexander. i think they make a really good couple :)

the biggest kiss isabela and much love dear! -m.

[ allemmyrossum ]
guurl, he's also the boy of my dreams right now haha he's gorgeous on true blood! and she's really lucky if that rumors are true, right? they actually make a good and lovely (and hot) couple, it could be cool if they're dating!
and that gif is really funny, love alex's face when it says pix or it didn't happen! awww♥

and oh, i wasn't able to comment you yesterday, but i totally adored the picture! is gorgeous, so great, really! and happy birthday to evan rach!

much love dear isabella!

[ lkristenstewartl ]
mm well, he is s total hottie!! but i kinda liked the couple she made with shane!! anyways shes young and deserves to enjoy ! : )

[ cinemanics ]
Hiii! She is amasing in this picture.

I love her and I think she is one of the best actriss in the world!

I love her in Across the Universe like as Lucy, like Lucy in the sky (one of the best Beatles' songs)

Have a NICE day!

[ my_woody_allen ]
I hope it's not true 'casue evan was dating with shane, and that makes me think that evan is a maneater!

[ cinemanics ]
Hahaha, ok dear,

Sometimes I forget my original language cause my work, I use everytime english.

Well, eu falarei em inglês como pedido rs

Um super bjo!

*em português (tá vendo, trabalho e fotolog não dá certo rs..)

[ lefilledunst ]
haha OMG ! Shane ALEX
I mean he can make a fangirl out of everyone, even Evan :) I was so happy to hear she's dating him, I mean she's such a lucky lady, and of course he is too cuz Evan is awesome. I am addicted to True Blood ever since I ran into an episiode on HBO. I downloaded all of the series and made two of my best friends watch it with me so now we're ALL TB girls. But Alex is gorgeous and talented, I can't get over the fact that he was the blonde model living with Derek Zoolander at the begining of the movie, one of the three that died in that gas station. LOL Orange Mocha Frapuccino. Anyways, I hope this work out, they make one hell of a sexy vampire couple!

Hugs darling!

[ januaryjones ]
Hello, sweetie! I'm inviting you to visit the new fotolog dedicated to the beautiful Mad Men actress, January Jones.
I'm adding you to my f/f.

Evan is gorgeous. What kind of girl isn't in love by the awesomeness and sexiness of Alexander? If Evan and Alex are dating would be like a overload by their hotness combined. Both of them are fantastic and gorgeous.

[ jessica_szohr ]
they would be one hot couple! there are so many rumors about evan lately that I'll wait to believe it 'til it is confirmed, but it would be nice if they were together.