September 07, 2009

Today Evan Rachel Wood turns 22 years young! She's on a big tv show, got really good reviews on her last movie and will have her debut on Broadway next year. She takes her career seriously and once she's commited to something, she won't take a step back, that's how professional she is.
So I'd like to wish her nothing but the best and all the happiness in her life!

Happy birthday, miss Wood!

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lucy in the sky said...

[ roiworldlook ]
hoo felicidades para ella :)

[ nikki_reed2o ]
yeah! Happy Birthday Evan Rachel! : ) i hope she has a nice day! she deserves everything and more! she rocks! : )
i uploaded a pic of her in her honour! :p


[ she_is_scarlett ]
ohh yes! i can finally comment here! im in a hurry right now because im leaving in some minutes but i couldn't go without saying it!: happy birthday miss evan rachel! aww can't believe she's just 22, she's all grown up! this has been a really great year for her and i hope the next one is even better! im sending you a huge kiss dear! Rope.
and before i forget! what a cute pic you have in your twitter ^^ kiss!

[ miss_scarlett ]
birthday girl :) happy bday to evan rachel, shes so young, i thought she had already 23 or so but i really admire how well shes taking her career, you can say that she hasnt done the same role twice and thats the best she could do. and now there are rumors that shes dating the true blood hottie, i dont know his name, i know him because hes son of the very great stellan skarsgard, so i think its great.

one big kiss isabela and the very best for your girl -m.

[ lovely__kate ]
ouch, forgot that yesterday it was her birthday! happy bday to her, anyways ;)
she looks absolutely terrific in that photo. evan looks like a really bright girl, she's making her way through this whole movie world, and she's doing better everything, acting better, working with better directors. i bet she's going to improve even more and turn out to be one of the best actresses in her generation ;)

hugs girl! im so excited about the hugh-kate thing!!!!!

[ talktostrangers ]
Me encanta el titulo de tu flog, le queda perfecto. ya paso pero igualmente feliz cumpleaƱos a ella, la verdad que es de las jovenes mas talentosas de estos ultimos tiempos, me encanta, digan lo que digan. saludos!

[ my_woody_allen ]
hAPpy Birthday EVAN! My birthday was saturday , so we have 2 days and one years of diference cause i got 21 so we are VIRGO jejje , glad that we share some things!

[ cinemanics ]
Happy Birthday to Rachel, the best ever!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day, besos!

~ Especial Heath Ledger ~

[ jessica_szohr ]
happy birthday to her! she's very talented and I think her career is going really good. gorgeous pic