September 05, 2009

candids: sept 3rd

E! Online interview part III

Now, I do want to ask you about the Spider-Man musical. What's the latest?
I don't know a lot, but as far as I know, it's still on.

Any truth to reports that you told producers you were backing out so you could be free to do some movies?
No! I didn't say that! It's going to be great! Whatever happens, it's going to be great!

Evan wearing one of her heart-shaped sunglasses as she gets her blood tested at a Quest Diagnostics blood lab inside a Beverly Hills medical center on Thursday (September 3) in California:


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lucy in the sky said...

[ megan_lovers ]

[ rebeccahall ]
her trademark heart-shaped glasses, yay! and i love them, in fact, i adore her outfit there, her gorgeous glam hairdo, and her cool outfit, and haha yes, too much use of the word blood lately :P but anyway... about the interview, im glad that's she's still in the musical, it would be great to see her singing, and in broadway! and she seems to be really commited with the project so i hope they start releasing again soon :) im sending you a huuuge kiss my bells, and much love! tomrrow is your girl's bdayy! yay.


[ lkristenstewartl ]
i love her heart shaped glasses! : ) she is gorgeous, i cant wait to see Whatever Happens!

[ ohh_laurenconrad ]
Amo a esta mujer desde que actuo en "Across the universe" &hearts



. Fotolog Dedicado a Lauren Conrad . ... Ff’s??

[ miss_scarlett ]
too much blood around here ;) i love those heart shaped glasses but i havent managed to get some yet, i was going to buy white ones at the madonna concert last year, she uses it in that colour on the show, those were sold out, anyway, i want red ones because those are the original ones for me though the purples ones she wearing are nice too. and shes back to black, two trademark things for her.

im not very excited about this spiderman musical, i mean, i didnt like the film too much so... i hoped she had time to make other films but if she wants to do it then she must like it a lot.

one big kiss dear isabella -m.

[ lovely__kate ]
hello girl! gosh, evan looks so great there. black definetely makes her look even more gorgeous, i think it's probably because of her colour hair. those heart-shaped sunglasses are so cool.

though i think i wouldn't dare to wear them haha. :)


[ allemmyrossum ]
Oh god, i'm loving Evan Rachel more since she's in true blood! LOL I laughed a lot with what she said on the previous upload. I'm also Team Alex (Eric) no doubt about it hahaha and I have also seen Alex's shower scene in Hundtricket... hm, that guy is insanely goodlooking haha And you told me you're also in love with him, that's perfect, i don't feel alone anymore ;)

the biggest kiss for you isabella!

[ ugg_boots ]
Me parece realmente hermosa y sofisticada.

[ jessica_szohr ]
she looks so cute smiling like that. I don't know if she wears that hair color for a role or not but she should keep it, I love how she looks.

[ my_woody_allen ]
She looks so normal with that on her arms jjajajja.

[ she_is_scarlett ]
bells, my girl, just a quick comment here, im going to bed right now and as i see you haven't uploaded yet, i just would like to wish your girl a happy bday from here :) if you upload tomorrow i will leave you a decent comment. much love honey! rope.