September 04, 2009

E! Online interview part II

How did you end up on the show?
I watched the first season and loved the show, so I got in touch with [series creator] Alan Ball and said, "Keep an eye out for anything that might pop up." I thought it was a long shot, but then later on I got a call saying they needed a queen.

Did you know anything about the queen beforehand?
I didn't. I said yes, even before I read the script. I didn't really care.

Did you have to get naked yet, because everyone on the show gets naked?
I can't say I do just yet. But they are bringing me back next season, so it's always a possibility. It's kind of inevitable.

So are you Team Eric or Team Bill?
I would say, Team Alex—Eric! Whoops. [Laughs]

Have you seen the clip of Alex's shower scene in Hundtricket?
I am not going to lie. Yes I have.

He is just stunning.
I have to agree with you. [Laughs] That's another great thing about my job—all of my scenes are with Bill and Eric! I was surrounded by beautiful people constantly.

Evan, darling, you're not alone. Team Alex/Eric all the way! And today's pic is from last year's Venice festival, during the press conference of "The Wrestler". She was just so lovely there. A few more:

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lucy in the sky said...

[ she_is_scarlett ]
she was adorable, and what a great interview, but damn i still havent started the second season so i dont know what she's talking about, lol, but its about to end in the us so i will download it as soon as possible! and hoon, it's your girl's bday so soon, on the 7th right? 22 already! hehe a huge kiss my bells!

rope ;)

[ cinemanics ]
Hi, I loved this FOTOLOG!!!

I'm a big fan of Evan, I love her works and singing at movie Across the Universe.

Have a great day, kisses!

[ miss_scarlett ]

how cute does she look there? i totally loved the dress she was wearing. and true blood, everyone seems obsessed with this show, dammit! :) but in the pics you posted and in the rockin gif she looked the coolest so that makes me sort of want to see it though i watched the pilot and didnt like it... we'll see ;) but its super nice that everyone liked queen sophie-ann so much that they are having her back in the new season, she must be thrilled to be in a show she adores, lucky girl.

much love my dear isabella :) -m.

[ eva__mendes ]
She's way too gorgeous in this pic, I remember that day, she looked stunning, cute EvanRach! Now, her character is awesome, and it will be an awesome episode! I want to see it soon, but , eventually I will don't worry :P ! kisses dear Isabella


[ my_woody_allen ]
Yeah she looks amazigng well i have first and second episodie so i hope to start to seeing this week.